Communities at Risk: Linking science with communities to address environmental and occupational health concerns

Saturday, October 13, 2012: 3:15 PM-4:45 PM
619 (WSCC)
Richard Fenske, PhD, MPH, Professor and Director, Pacific Northwest Agricultural Safety & Health Center, University of Washington

Description: Scientific methods linked with meaningful community participation can produce effective solutions to environmental and workplace health concerns of vulnerable populations. We will present examples of collaborative research projects where scientists and community members addressed real life problems. This interactive session will provide attendees’ a dynamic view into public health research.

3:17 PM
Addressing Occupational Health and Safety in the Precarious Workforce
Noah Seixas, PhD, CIH , Professor and Director, Northwest Center for Occupational Health & Safety , University of Washington
3:19 PM
Evaluating Safety Training for Day Laborers
Samantha Serrano, BS , Graduate Student , University of Washington
3:39 PM
Community-Based Air Quality Studies at the U.S.-Mexico Border
Vanessa Galaviz, BS , PhD Candidate , University of Washington
3:41 PM
Empowering Communities: Developing a Cadre of New Researchers in Rural Communities
Martha Perla, PhD , Research Scientist , University of Washington
3:43 PM
Panel Discussion