Professional Development Sessions

Thursday, October 29, 2015

8:30 AM-10:00 AM

A Writing Group Strategy for Scientists
Gizem Karaali, PhD and Candice Price, PhD
Entrepreneurship Essentials: From Academia to Creating Your Own Company
Greg Villareal, PhD, Dorn Carranza, Saly Romero-Torres, PhD and Michael Gonzalez, PhD
Get Ready for Your PhD! Strategies to Successfully Prepare for the PhD and Explore PhD Careers
Nancy Schwartz, PhD, Victoria Freedman, PhD, Jabbar Bennett, PhD, Alexandria Bobe, PhD in Progress, Raquel Castellanos, PhD, Gregorio Valdez, PhD and Sherilynn Black, PhD
Getting a Foot in the Door - Resume/CV and Pre-Screening Interview Workshop
Allyn Kaufmann, PhD, Rafael Ortiz, PhD and Lino Gonzalez, PhD
Interdisciplinary Approaches in Ocean Science: The Role of Diverse Perspectives in Deep Sea Research
Corey Garza, PhD, Noelle Bowlin, PhD in Progress, Peter Girguis, PhD and Laura Petes, PhD
Looking Ahead: NIH Grant Programs for Postdocs and Faculty
Michael Sesma, PhD, Jessica Faupel-Badger, PhD and Hinda Zlotnik, PhD
MD-PhD, Is It Right for Me?
Joseph Barbieri, PhD, Skip Brass, MD/PhD, Cole Haskins, MD/PhD, Jeremie Lever, MD/MPH and Jose Grajales, MD/PhD
Managing a Scientific Career and a Rewarding Family Life
Heidy Contreras, PhD, Mary Garcia-Cazarin, PhD, Jaclyn Canas, PhD, Kristy Duran, PhD and Pamela Padilla, PhD
Navigating NSF
Lina Patino, PhD, Nandini Kannan, PhD, Franklin Carrero-Martinez, PhD, Sally O'Connor, PhD, Alexandra Isern, PhD, Gisele Muller-Parker, PhD and Lidia Ceballos Yoshida, PhD
Practice Open Science/Publishing for a Modern Research Career
Alberto Roca, PhD, Shauna Gordon-McKeon, BS and Cesar Berrios-Otero, PhD
Research Internships for Community College Students: Why They Matter and How to Maximize the Experience
Maria Elena Anguiano, MA, Armando Rivera-Figueroa, PhD and Consuelo Gonzalez, BS
Social Media for Personal Branding and Career Advancement
Yaihara Fortis-Santiago, PhD, Mónica Feliú-Mójer and Raychelle Burks, PhD
Tips for Early Success in a New Mentor-Mentee Relationship: Expectations, Communication and Working Towards Independence
Erica L Sanchez, BS, Zoi Sychev, BS, Carlos Catalano, PhD, Sharon Milgram, PhD, Tom Pohl, PhD and Tracie Delgado, PhD
Which Type of Academic Career Fits Me?
Daniela Kohen, PhD, Dan Hernandez, PhD, Adán Colón-Carmona, PhD, Perla Myers, PhD and Clark Lindgren, PhD

Friday, October 30, 2015

1:30 PM-3:00 PM

An Act of Translation: Transferring Your Research Skills into Something Meaningful to Society
Ron Hunter, PhD, Tepring Piquado, PhD, Mary Garcia-Cazarin, PhD and Edward Ramos, PhD
An Intro to Drug Discovery & Development and the Skill Sets Involved
Lino Gonzalez, PhD, Gabriel Quiñones, PhD, Ernie Marquez, PhD and Saly Romero-Torres, PhD
Creating a More Inclusive and Diverse Environment in Academia
Pamela Harris, PhD, Bethany Kubik, PhD, Lynn Greenleaf, PhD, Anthony Johnson, PhD, Sean Sather-Wagstaff, PhD and Gabriel Sosa, PhD
Delivering Science: Effective Communication Skills to Become a Successful Scientist
Mónica Feliú-Mójer, Liz Neeley, MA and Amy Vashlishan-Murray, PhD
Engaging Your Community in Your Science
Narrissa Spies, MS, Austin Shelton III, MS and Healani Chang, DrPH
Expanding Diversity As A Broader Impact of Your Research
Jory Weintraub, PhD and Jane Horwitz, PhD
Geoscience Careers: Academic, Industry, Government and Non-Profit Opportunities
Dena Smith, PhD, Heather Houlton, MS, Scott Foss, PhD, Michael Hubenthal, PhD, Lisa White, PhD and Marina Suarez, PhD
Making the Short List—Crushing the Interview: Securing Your First Faculty Position
Raymond L. Rodriguez, PhD, Manuel Calderon de la Barca, PhD, MaryLou de Leon Siantz, PhD, Karen McDonald, PhD and Margaret Werner-Washburne, PhD
NIH-Supported Training Opportunities for Graduate Students
Shiva Singh, PhD, Mercedes Rubio, PhD, Joseph Gindhart, PhD and Darren Sledjeski, PhD
Navigating Your Career for Success at the NSF Career Award
Tanya Garcia, PhD, Maria Mayorga, PhD, Judy Wang, PhD and Alberto Bolatto, PhD
Pick Your Poison! Careers in Toxicology
Vanessa De La Rosa, PhD, Noe Galvan, PhD, Ofelia Olivero, PhD, Adrian Nanez, PhD and Jennifer Rayner, PhD
Postdoc Fundamentals: Selecting a Training Experience to Match Your Career Goals
Alberto Roca, PhD, Edward Krug, PhD and Sibby Anderson-Thompkins, PhD
Summer Internship Opportunities Supported by The Federal Government
Natasha Lugo-Escobar, PhD and Erika Barr, PhD
The Secret Lives of Academics: How to Prepare for the Jobs You Will be Asked to Do, but Nobody Talks about
Sandra Sgoutas-Emch, PhD, Perla Myers, PhD, Drew Talley, PhD, MariaElena Zavala, PhD and Shannon Talbott, PhD
Tips to Becoming an Effective Research Mentor across Career Stages
Kermin Martínez-Hernández, PhD, Anne Lynn Gillian-Daniel, PhD, Lori Adams, PhD and Amy Prunuske, PhD
Voices from the Field – Successful Scholarship and Fellowship Recipients Describe Their Experience Applying for and Securing Funding
LaTanya Braxton, BS, Melanie Harrison Okoro, PhD, Solianna Herrera, BS, Heriberto Reynoso, BS and Amanda Hintz, MS

Saturday, October 31, 2015

10:45 AM-12:15 PM

Tips to Expand Your Network: How to Identify Advisors, Mentors and Sponsors for a Successful Career
Mary Garcia-Cazarin, PhD, Yaihara Fortis-Santiago, PhD, Nahyr Rovira-Figueroa, PhD, Kermin Martínez-Hernández, PhD and Mónica Feliú-Mójer
A Great Interview: How to be Your Best at the Graduate School Interview
Victoria Freedman, PhD, Jabbar Bennett, PhD, Sherilynn Black, PhD, Nicquet Blake, PhD, Nancy Schwartz, PhD, Gregorio Valdez, PhD, Audra Van Wart, PhD and Cynthia Wright, PhD
Academic Faculty Jobs for Teaching-Intensive Careers
Alberto Roca, PhD, Meda Higa, PhD, Perla Myers, PhD and Nancy Aguilar-Roca, PhD
Graduate and Postdoctoral Training Opportunities at the NIH
Phil Wang, PhD, Lori Conlan, PhD, Jan Clark, PhD, Ofelia Olivero, PhD, Angel A. de la Cruz Landrau, PhD and NIH Postdoctoral Fellow SACNAS member, PhD
Linking Science and Policy to Diversify Innovation in STEM
Salaeha Shariff, MPS, Edward Ramos, PhD, Ric Weibl, EdD and Lanyn Taliaferro, PhD
Sources of Resources: Advice and Tips for Securing Academic Funding
Christine O'Brien, MS, Maria Teresa Velez, PhD, Gisele Muller-Parker, PhD, LaTanya Braxton, BS, Alison Hall, PhD and Marcus Huggins, PhD
The NIH Undergraduate Scholarship Program and Postbac Opportunities at the NIH and in NIH-Supported Programs
Elena Hernández-Ramón, MD/PhD, Shauna Clark, PhD, Michael Bender, PhD, Darryl Murray, PhD and Guillermo Rangel Rivera, PhD
Working in Industry: A Career Choice, Not an Alternative Career
Gabriel Quinones, PhD, Jason Miranda, PhD and Maria Mouchess, PhD
Writing Successful STEM Proposals: A Guide to Two National Science Foundation Programs
Sarita Pillai, MBA, Shuchu Grover, PhD, Jacob Martinez, MS and Kathryn Kailikole, EdD